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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of the service.

You should carefully read the following provisions as they constitute an electronic agreement which sets out the terms and conditions of service provided by the website. When an offer that appears on the panel is completed, it will be the validation of this TYC and the irrevocable acceptance of these terms. Therefore, you can request the service only if you accept all the conditions set forth below.

  • is a system by which the person can obtain information from a person automatically and through his Url, obtains public data of said person, and all represents a simulation. Home • Its operation is based on a complex system between Javascript and Php, whereby anyone with the Url who wants to locate a specific person, can locate it without any inconvenience, as long as he follows the guidelines indicated for the perfect Use of the system.                

• Although the name of the domain is called this does not mean that this website serves to hack anything or to misappropriate a Facebook account.                                

• It must be made clear that theft of any account, whether from Facebook or another company is a crime, and not only that, but a serious crime, is why we are not responsible for possible mistakes by Part of the people who use this system which represents 100% a simulation of a system.            

• We must also mention that is only a simulator via Url by which you can get the extension name of the url of the person, or code of the same, both data are totally public and no law is violated with your obtaining.

• It is also worth mentioning that the system does not store any information, either name, avatars or the Urls themselves that can put people to use, since everything works through you could say a window, which shows Such public information.

• Describe the operation of the web site system, step by step and detailed to avoid possible misunderstandings when using it.

1. The person accedes to and will be able to visualize a system that appears to be a web "hacker" which simulates a system that gives access, access to the simulation of Facebook hacking.

2. The person can observe a series of instructions by which he can use the system, which is more than simple, all you have to do is get the url of a photo of the person you want to locate, and put it in the Space the white that is arranged for its placement.

3. Once you have entered this address you must click on the "Search" button whereby the system will automatically start using the data provided by the person that includes the URL.

4. The system will generate a series of commands and texts automatically which are only decorative, and serve to give the impression that the system works as if it were a robot, although it should be mentioned and make clear that the decoration is totally useless.

5. Once the decoration process has finished and automatically, just below the structure of the system appears from a nothing button, which puts "Download Data" said button will give way to an advertisement of a third party.

6. Once the person gives "Download Data" automatically appears a floating window in which appears below a description of its operation, ie if the person voluntarily wants to download the "alleged file" you must subscribe to A Premium messaging system, which is worth money, in no case, said data of the Web page, will contain passwords or private data of any person, since obtaining them without the authorization of the person who owns said data is a crime.

7. In conclusion, it must be made clear that the use of this free public system, since no person is obliged to pay any amount of money, only serves to simulate an action, which if not simulated would be totally illegal And would go against the laws privacy privacy, in no case worth mentioning serves for theft or subtraction of any Facebook account.

• It is worth mentioning that the repeated use of the word "Hackea" is due to the name of the domain, and that in no case on the Web page does it appear that this system serves to obtain access data of an account. Add that if the domain name was totally different the locations where the words Hack Facebook now appear would be totally different, adapting to the imaginary domain of which we refer.

• Finally we must make it clear that we are not responsible for the use of this system, even though it is totally legal and also of the possible charges by the company that offers the Premium system for Sms, since these costs are out Of our domain and it is a tertiary company that takes care of it.

• The person who uses our system must accept the modification of these terms and conditions if that happens, in addition to using our system means that it is accepting our terms and conditions at the time of its use, even though they have undergone a modification .

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